Sunday, 25 November 2012

German Christmas Market.

The German Christmas Market was in full swing when I visited Leeds this week. Everywhere you look in Millennium Square are stalls selling food and drink. There is everything imaginable from German burgers to Frankfurters and warm ham sandwiches. Huge portions of everything is served here and is well worth a visit.
The only downside was the wet weather but it didn't dampen the spirits too much and a good day was had by all.

Leeds German Christmas Market.

Tuesday, 30 October 2012

First Post - Out & About Leeds.

Here it is then, the first post in this exciting new blog about my birth town of Leeds. The sister site to my first blog in the Out & About series Out & About Peterborough.
I am hoping that the first 2 forays into the out and about blog series will be successful and that they will lead to many more.
Purely by mistake I have ended up linking the cities to cities from elsewhere in the world with the same names. This means that the residents of Leeds and Peterborough will get a view of what goes on in the namesake cities and compare their lives to people in those cities.

Down to business

You can't do a first post in a blog about a particular city without showing the place off with it's most famous landmark. For me Leeds Town Hall has to be that landmark, although there are many which I will hopefully show off in later posts. Hope you like the articles and posts you will find over the coming months and I look forward to hearing your thoughts as we progress.
Please feel free to comment on the posts.

Town Hall Leeds