Tuesday, 30 October 2012

First Post - Out & About Leeds.

Here it is then, the first post in this exciting new blog about my birth town of Leeds. The sister site to my first blog in the Out & About series Out & About Peterborough.
I am hoping that the first 2 forays into the out and about blog series will be successful and that they will lead to many more.
Purely by mistake I have ended up linking the cities to cities from elsewhere in the world with the same names. This means that the residents of Leeds and Peterborough will get a view of what goes on in the namesake cities and compare their lives to people in those cities.

Down to business

You can't do a first post in a blog about a particular city without showing the place off with it's most famous landmark. For me Leeds Town Hall has to be that landmark, although there are many which I will hopefully show off in later posts. Hope you like the articles and posts you will find over the coming months and I look forward to hearing your thoughts as we progress.
Please feel free to comment on the posts.

Town Hall Leeds

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